Första Långgatan 17-21

Efficiently planned offices in an international and tradition-steeped environment with the harbour entrance as their nearest neighbour. Första Långgatan links together Linné with Masthugget. It starts at Järntorget, a hub for public transport and a focal meeting-place. In the Linné area there is a wide range of restaurants, cafes, gyms and shops, and a short stroll takes you to cosy Haga with its rich heritage. The main Oskarsleden/Götaleden dual carriageway is routed alongside and on the other side of the road lies the Göta River and the Stena Lines Denmark terminal.

The building offers 19 premises ranging in size from 90 to 6 200 m².

Property unit designation
Göteborg Masthugget 28:9 – 10

Rentable area
15 000 m²

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