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With its nearness to Långgatorna and Linnéstaden at one end, and a new riverside promenade along the Göta River with all that means in terms of unique waterfront facilities at the other end, Masthuggskajen has the potential to become one of Gothenburg’s most popular areas for living and working.

Elof Hansson Fastigheter aims to harness the area’s considerable potential and at the same time help meet the immense demand for housing in Gothenburg. We have therefore taken the initiative to create about 300 apartments in our existing properties on Första Långgatan. The development of these housing units is part of a long-term project together with our partners.

At Masthuggstorget

A building right that holds about 150 apartments below Masthuggstorget is located on the currently undeveloped area next to the property Första Långgatan 21. The total area for these apartments will be about 15,000 sqm.

Part of the property was sold in April 2021 to Riksbyggen. Elof Hansson Fastigheter and Riksbyggen have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly build the property in a production technical unit, a so-called 3D real estate development.

Elof Hansson Properties owns the basement and the first seven floors above ground for commercial premises and housing. Riksbyggen is planning for a tenant-owned association with 80 apartments in plan 8 -18.

Estimated construction start is the beginning of 2023. Elof Hansson Properties apartments will be advertised via HomeQ when the time comes.

At Järntorget

In the central and highly attractive area of Järntorget, at our property on Första Långgatan 1, there is a building persmissio for 130 smaller apartments. The total area will exceed 9 700 sq.m.

This building permission is now sold to two experienced housing builders who will take over the building right in May 2020. The new owners are Veidekke Eiendom and Anor Fastigheter.

The sale of the new homes is planned to begin in early 2021 and the first households are expected to move in during the summer of 2023.

If you are interested in knowing more about the apartments, please contact Nordr (former  Veidekke Eiendom) custumer center, phone +46 20 22 22 66 eller

As we progress in our housing project you will find the relevant information on this page.

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