Elof Hansson Properties

Elof Hansson Fastigheter is a young real estate company in Gothenburg, building further on 120 years of tradition in seeking out and enhancing business opportunities. We invest in, develop, own and manage mostly commercial properties. We also invest in new projects.

One of our development projects is Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg. Together with other actors we are creating a new urban Environment with featuring housing, offices and Global Business Gate – a future centre for international trade and commerce.


Long term perspective

Trading house Elof Hansson’s long commercial heritage is reflected in our ability to respond alertly to business opportunities as and when they arise. We have a long-term perspective and our investments are guided by commercial potential rather than geographic market, property type or ownership format. In order to maintain a high degree of in-house control, a low loan-to-value ratio and a high level of own funding are key considerations in all our investments.


Our owner

Elof Hansson is a trading house group owned by the Elof Hansson Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to further business-related education and research. It has given donations and provided support to the Chalmers University of Technology and the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University, among other recipients.

The Group is divided into three business areas: Trade, Industry and Properties. Elof Hansson Holding AB is the parent company in the Foundation-owned Group, and the three business areas are run as wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Business area Properties consists of Elof Hansson Fastigheter AB which was founded in 2010. The background to its establishment as a separate real estate company was the need to ensure good risk diversification, improve capital utilisation, and increase returns for the foundation. It achieves this by actively managing and developing Elof Hansson’s existing property portfolio and by investing in new properties.



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