Environment & Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability report 2023

Elof Hansson Properties strives for high customer satisfaction and focuses on developing sustainable properties, including both our existing portfolio of managed properties and our development projects. We are continuously working to make our properties energy efficient, increase the use of sustainable and/or recycled materials, and reuse materials as much as possible during tenant adaptations and renovations. We also carry out numerous other activities to reduce our carbon footprint. Active and continuous operational optimization is ongoing, which includes gradually replacing old equipment with better and more modern technical equipment.

In 2023, we hired a property technician to replace a previously outsourced service. This change allows us to have even better control over operations and technology, thus optimizing our buildings even more efficiently.

In 2023, we achieved environmental certification for another property according to the Sweden Green Building Council, Miljöbyggnad Idrift, silver level. This means that our entire portfolio of managed properties is now certified.

For biodiversity, we have beehives at our properties on Första Långgatan. The beehives are part of our effort to contribute to sustainable urban development. The most important ecosystem service provided by bees and other insects is the pollination of plants and berries. One-third of the food we eat is pollinated.

Over the past year, we built a new bike room in one of our properties. This not only provides secure parking for bicycles but also offers repair facilities for bikes, furniture, and more. The bike room was primarily constructed using reused materials such as bricks, workbenches, doors, windows, and walls from Kommersen.

Waste statistics for 2023 show that we collected approximately 1,800 kg of food waste. Converting this into biogas could power a vehicle on biogas for almost a complete lap around the world.

Our Development Projects

In our largest property development project, Global Business Gate, the goal is to achieve certification according to BREEAM, Sweden Green Building Council, “Excellent” level. GXX has also developed a climate strategy for more sustainable construction.

The Parkside will be a new neighbourhood with apartments in various forms of tenure, offices, and commercial spaces. The project is owned 50/50 by Elof Hansson Properties and Riksbyggen.

Decisions have been made to clad the facades of the neighbourhood with reclaimed bricks, use solar panels to supply the building’s electricity, use climate-adapted concrete, and have individual electricity consumption metering for each apartment. Additionally, there will be a bike garage in the basement, several green areas and terraces, and a vibrant ground-level environment with commercial spaces and a restaurant.

Elof Hansson Properties is one of the partners in the consortium driving the urban development project Masthuggskajen, which aims to transform the city of Gothenburg into a more environmentally friendly city. The Masthuggskajen urban development project is the first project certified by Citylabs, developed by the Sweden Green Building Council.

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