Environment & Sustainability


The environmental policy embraces the entire company’s operations, from business and property development to technical management and construction projects. It applies to everyone who contributes to the environmental footprint – employees, contractors, suppliers and tenants alike.

Main principles
Elof Hansson Fastigheter sees long-term and comprehensive environmental work as a prerequisite for being able to live up to the company’s mission and operational intentions. We regard legislation and regulations as minimum standards, and we aim for constant improvement. By minimising our operation’s environmental footprint we contribute to sustainable development and help ensure that Swedish environmental quality targets are met.

Guidelines and strategies
The environmental policy is realised through a programme featuring over-riding environmental goals and a plan of action encompassing detailed targets, activities and measures for reaching those targets. The environmental programme is followed up annually and relevant instances are informed about the results.

– Environment-related work shall be characterised by a long-term and holistic approach.
– Environmental consequences shall be taken into account in all decisions.
– We shall set aside sufficient resources, both human and financial, for environmental work.
– We shall constantly aim to improve resource utilisation and use environmentally suitable materials and methods.

– We shall support and encourage our employees’ eco-consciousness and make them aware of their responsibility towards the environment.
– By creating understanding and involvement among all employees, we support the continued development of environmental issues.

– We shall meet, and preferably surpass, our clients/tenants’ demands and expectations as regards our work on the environment.
– We shall create the necessary preconditions for clients/tenants to participate in our environmental work.
– We shall support and encourage our clients/tenants’ environmental consciousness and make them aware of their environmental responsibility.

– We shall work together with environmentally aware consultants, contractors and suppliers, and impose the same demands on them as we do on our own operations.



Elof Hansson Properties embraces its responsibility for ecological, financial and social sustainability. These are important considerations, prerequisites for value enhancement in both our own operations and those of our tenants.

Ecological sustainability
We work actively on continuously reducing resource and energy consumption, for instance with green-sourced electricity, district cooling and the sorting of refuse at source.

Financial sustainability
We utilise existing human, material and financial resources effectively.

Social sustainability
Our properties and premises are designed to be safe, open and accessible to everyone.

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