Upcoming project – Global Business Gate

One of our development projects will take place at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Together with other actors we are creating a new urban environment at Masthuggskajen featuring housing, offices and our own concept – Global Business Gate.

Global Business Gate is being developed in a new inner-city area, directly at the waterfront and it will be an innovative type of venue, a business hub for international trade and business. Elof Hansson Properties and Alecta jointly own the development.

Global Business Gate will be about 33,000 m² in 26 floors, in direct connection to Järntorget, Långgatorna, Linné and Haga. From here it is five minutes to Göteborg Central Station, and just minutes by ferry across the river to Norra Älvstranden and Lindholmen. The area has plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops and other services within walking distance.

The multitude of meeting-points, office facilities and coworking spaces, are all parts of a concept earmarked to accommodate the needs and demands of international trade and its supporting services. Start of construction is planned to 2021 and our intention is that first tenants moves in 2025.

Do you want to be one of the companies that have the opportunity to be in this expanded, unique and attractive city centre, with an ecosystem of people, companies and meeting places? Your company here will gain increased competitiveness and better opportunities for attractive recruitment.

Welcome to read more at globalbusinessgate.se.

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